Monday, November 12, 2012

Essential Oils Everyday~Why & How to use them.

Why~ ? 

  We were placed in a botanical garden not in  a concrete jungle therefore the 'molecules of essential oils' are very much a natural part of our healthy and complete existence here on planet earth.  We don't see them but they are manufactured in plants and released into the air.  When we breath the air they travel into our blood through our lungs.  Their many varied chemicals have different actions in our bodies.  From anti microbial purposes to refreshing, invigorating, relaxing, or sensual they are a gift from our Creator.  One of the most obvious chemical reactions is the pleasure of their molecules of scent.  Although we may not be conscious of all the wonderful ways they work their Majesty in our lives, alone the power they evoke through our olfactory system or our sense of smell is enough to give them attention.  
     "In ancient times essential oils were such a part of everyday life any real explanation of them in text was left out, however their mention was common place.  In the Holy Bible alone there are over 1,035 references essential oils, aromatic oil-producing plants, and their applications, including at least 33 species. Not only were they used by Jews and early Christians but they were used by all the cultures around them, including the Arabians, Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and other cultures around the Mediterraneans.  Their perfumes, medicines, anointing oils, balms, and incenses all derived their scents, potency, and healing capabilities from essential oils".  (Healing Oils of the Bible, Dr. David Stewart. pg 96)
     Big pharmaceutical companies market the use of medical drugs for symptomatic illnesses never treating the real root of the dis-ease. The type of medical theory that is practiced in our day is 'Allopathy' it treats symptoms in the body using pharmaceuticals, which are synthetic molecules of nature or a mock of nature.  This type of medicine does not even claim to heal people. Healing occurs in the body naturally if given the right environment to equip itself to carry out the process.   All the elements the body needs to bring about healing and maintain health are given by the natural world and are harmoniously aligned with the same principles that our bodies run on. We were made from the very earth the same earth that we sow and reap our food from.  Healing also has a spiritual element as well.  When the body, spirit,  and the soul are working together harmoniously you have health.  Essential oils that come from plants are the model for which pharmaceutical companies create their drugs. However these drugs or chemicals do not contain the natural package in which they originally were taken from in the natural world.  Essential oils when extracted and produced in the way that allows them to contain the whole array of chemical compositions we find in the plants, are the true healing medicines that God has so graciously given us.  These oils are working their majesty in the plants before they even get into our bodies.  So when they are carefully produced and packaged we can access these gems and use them in our lives to help our bodies heal and maintain abundant health.  


     There are three levels of our being that the oils work on; our physical bodies, our emotions, and our spirits. Since all of these levels or aspect of our existence are interconnected we may see results in each area separately or they may over lap in application.  When we place the oils on or in our physical bodies they have a way of naturally knowing how to work in our emotions and in our spirits.  They may or may not work on all aspects as we use them but they do work individually in each of the three areas of our being.  The intent and desires we hold in our hearts as we use them will allow them to operate in conjunction with our wills and  in each of these three layers of our being.  It is not that it is some kind of 'magic' or 'spell' that takes these workings to consideration.  It is our willingness to be whole.  Yeshua said in John 5:1-9, 'Are you WILLING to be made whole?'  So if our consciousness is wanting ourselves  to be whole then the awareness of our need in any area ready and willing to be made whole will show itself to us. The oils have a way of allowing our awareness to become more heightened to areas of healing or change we need.   They are kinda like a magnifying glass to our existence.  When we were shut out of the garden because of our choice of fruit it was like we were also shut down in the area of our beings that allows more light to see and live by.  Essential oils are the most oxygen containing molecules apart from air itself.  When we left the garden we were cut off from the level of oxygen that we needed to function in health.  Essential oils in essence,  bring more life into us.  

The Physical Level~
  Essential oils have been applied on the human body,  throughout time, from birth to death.  The wise men of the East brought; Frankincense,  Myrrh (Liquid Gold), and  possibly either Balsam Fir or Aloes/Sandalwood oil, which are two of the most precious and costly oils of that day, to the Christ child at his birth.   In ancient times they used essential oils to embalm bodies upon burial of the dead.  These embalming rituals sometimes took up to 40 days and thousands of dollars in precious oils.  Essential oils were also found in the tombs of ancient pharaohs.  These oils still contained potent healing chemicals after thousands of years.  Even flesh of the dead after thousands of years, of potential decay, were found in these tombs and crypts of ancient days.  I believe today we have lost a bit of the sacredness of our Temples/bodies. Sin has run its course over yet another generation and seems to be worse then ever before.  It's time to get back to regarding our flesh and bones as a dwelling place of the divine and treating it with such love and care as that commands.   There are a few ways of applying essential oils on the physical body and many reasons to do so.  I will list these applications and some possible reasons why you would use them. Remember that when using Essential oils they are 'Chemicals' NOT oils  in the sense that we think of 'fatty acid' oils or greasy oils.  They are very dry wet oils or chemicals  evaporating rather quickly.  So, with that in mind they can be used in the house hold and on the body where cleaning products and skin care would apply. When using Essential Oils on the body be very cautious.  Some Essential Oils have more 'hot' or 'spicy' chemicals than others.  The skin can be very sensitive and it is advised to start applying them with carrier oils or doing a test patch on the inside of your arm or elbow.  I use them often and frequently directly on my skin.  I have even gotten the spicy ones in not so comfortable places including the eyes.  Where as discomfort or mild pain may occur, in the event, oils will do no damage they will just teach you to be more careful and honoring with their special properties i.e. chemicals as you get to know them and feel confident with their use.  If pain or discomfort occurs with topical application be sure to flush with a carrier oil or milk not water.  It is advised to start using very small amounts of oils to become familiar with their potency.

"Physically, Essential Oils support us as *fighters against unfriendly microbes,*balance-rs of bodily functions (such as hormones, digestion, circulation, brain chemicals, nerves, endocrine, energy levels, cardiovascular, respiratory, immune and such as they support the whole body)*and raisers of our bodily frequencies, and as*antioxidants that purify/detox our system". (Healing Oils of the Bible, Dr. David Stewart)  Essential oils are the greatest solvents to our cells.  

*Topical Application on skin is called 'Neat' not recommended for beginners until recognition of certain oils can be considered.  The palms of hands and feet are a safe place to start applying essential oils directly to the body as they are the two places your skin is most porous. Massage oil is a great way to carry the oils and apply them topically on the body.  

*Inhalation, as in 'Breathing In', merely breathing in from an open bottle of oil,  the application of cologne,  perfumes, diffusion with air, water, steam, or smoke as in burning resins, herb and  incense.

*Internally, can be taken in through oils in gel capsules for supplementation or liquids such as milk, juice or water, or in food sources i.e. salad dressings, flavorings such as vanilla, mint, orange added to pastry, ice cream or cereal,  herb oils in savory meat dishes or other entrees.  Essential Oils can be taken internally through any body orifice; the mouth, the ears, the nose, the anus and the rectum.  If you are having lung issues I have read that you can bypass the digestive system right to the lungs by entering the anus. 

Some of the ways to use these applications may look like these suggestions:

Personal hygiene; facial steam, face masque,facial oil or cremes, lotions,massage oils,dry brushing, aroma baths,bath salts, essential oils are often in soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  

House hold use; Air fresheners; water spritzers, sheet sprays, laundry, diffuser, (especially in colder weather  or when a member of the household are sick,  to support the immune system) 
Oils can also be worn as perfume to protect from airborne sickness and viruses when out in public places such as schools or hospitals.  General cleaning, as the oils all contain anti microbial properties and some more than others.  Jacuzzi, after shower a few drops on a drying towel.

Maintaining Health; I  take the oils internally when I get a flu virus. I use all the herb oils like Oregano, Thyme, Lavender, Marjoram, and  Rosemary.  I would  also take  them internally when I would wake up in the night with anxiety. Marjoram is a good one to take to calm your nervous system down as well as Chamomile, Lavender and  Peppermint. Taking Clove oil is a very good antioxidant and good oil for over all longevity.   

Caution: Do not use on household pets without proper understanding as animals do not process them the same way our human bodies do.  With animals the amount of essential oils used is very minute. 

Because this ended up being so long I am going to continue this blog on another entry.  I will cover The Emotional Level~ with applications & The Spiritual Level~with applications. . . so tune in to the wonderful smells of 'Aromatherapy Health Today' for  more on "Essential Oils Everyday~ Why ? How? and When?