Thursday, September 24, 2009

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The last five years have been a real journey for me. I feel like I have been taken back to the Garden. (You know like the Van Morrison Song, "And we've got to get ourselves back to the Gaaarden") I have learned so much about how our olfactory system of smell helps us to heal and release past negative trauma and suppressed emotions. I have a real story to tell. I have come to a place where NOTHING keeps me from stopping to smell the roses. Sometimes I even pick them and carry them in my nose as you can see here in this picture. These however, are Hyacinthe. I have learned that to breath in the smells of the garden is to also breath in the Spirit of God. In Janet McBrides book, "Scriptural Essence' she reveals many temple secrets.
Secret #6 states; In conjunction with Inhalation is the Sense of Smell. Of the five physical senses, Smell is the only one that can effectively heal the emotions. And of even greater significance is the Biblical word for "smell." It is identical to the Hebrew word for 'spirit"- Ruach. Thus, the Holy Spirit, e.g., the Ruach ha Kodesh, infers by its Hebraic meaning that God's Spirit is accessed through the sense of smell. Perhaps this is the reason therapeutic grade essential oils have the potential to unlock and release spiritual trauma.
That in Ancient Biblical times, the Spirit of God was often called the 'Essence of God," because Ruach means Smell as well as Spirit.
Science has shown that repressed traumas are actually stored in different organs of the body. This same research has also shown that memories are not only stored in the brain, but in the whole psychosomatic network of the body. This is particularly true of nerve receptors. (Molecules of Emotions-Dr. Candace Pert)
King Solomon in ancient times understood the awesome healing power of fragrance and its effect on the emotions when he wrote:
"Ointment (oils) and fragrance delight the heart." Proverbs 27:9
While the Dead Sea Scrolls were here in Kansas City a friend was studying them. She said that there was a quote in them that said, "And God shall know his people by their scent."

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