Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can You Smell The Roses ?

The connection that the Olfactory System has to the sense of smell is also closely related to your level of Self Awareness.   Are we so bogged down with synthetic molecules of smell, flavor and a whole host of chemicals we surround our daily lives with that we have become 'out of touch' with our real life natural connection.? From Car Air Fresheners to House Hold Cleaning Products we run the gamut on the bouquet of aromas that come from manufactured origins and molecules that do not fit into our God given natural body chemistry.  The perfume companies alone spend millions of dollars annually creating fake molecules of scent that will tantalize your Olfactory System and lead you into a reality that is far from REAL. Studies have been conducted on the Olfactory System that certain scents will motivate people to spend money, have sex, or  just find the ability to  rest and relax more often.    Other studies conducted have shown that natural molecules of scent may open up your emotional being to walk more free of negative emotions that carry a heaviness that weigh ourselves down with lower frequencies of  sickness and disease.   While walking into the library of a local college to use the computer today  I noticed the smell of it's roses planted along side the building.  I was astounded that I could smell them  from that distant.  These roses were so fragrant and strong that their own molecules of scent were reaching my nose 20 feet from the building.  I'm not sure how far those microscopic molecules of scent released in the chemicals of 'Essentil Oil' from the Rose travel but I do know because of their tiny tiny size and weight they can stay suspended in the air for hours.  The essential oil molecules of the rose are  the highest frequency of all oils reaching heights of  320 Megahertz.  So, what that means is just by walking by those roses today, their molecules of scent have the power to raise the levels of my own bodies cellular frequency.  Where as this computer room I am sitting in right now is actually reducing the frequency of my cellular vibrations I am presently aware that my time here is coming to a very quick end.  I just wanted to share today that wonderful experience in smelling those roses as I approached the building and encourage all to become more aware of the molecules of scent they have invited into their lives.  Remember all that comes from mother earth nourishes our bodies, strengthens our spirits and emotions.  The molecules of scent that have been synthesized in a chemical laboratory in the name of Greed are not doing anything for your good in fact they are weakening your health and your self awareness.  We were placed in a Garden on earth where we can synch our frequency to the frequency of nature which is peace to our beings.  Becoming more aware of the frequency of  'fake' molecules and removing them from our lives may very well be the key to experiencing more of a Sunny Day. Replacing 100%natural molecules of scent will magnify  all that that encompasses in meaning as it relates to our physical bodies, our unseen emotions & thoughts and our spiritual connection with our Father God & His Holy Spirit.  His spirit will  lead us daily to worship Him in Spirit and Truth.  May He lead you ever so gently this day into more truth that you indeed  walk in the freedom Christ died for you to have. 
Please take the time to exercise your sense of smell and try to become more aware of how you feel around certain smells, chemicals and frequencies they really do affect your quality of life. Enjoy an aromatherapy bath or just a stop by a local garden or flower shop and feel the difference it brings, or visit your local massage spa and ask for an aroma massage. 
Enjoy True Aroma ! xoxxocarolgayxoxo

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