Tuesday, October 29, 2013

If it FEELS Good ~ DO IT ! ~ XOXOXOX ~

 I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area with my Mother & Father and three sisters. We had four girls growing up in the home together all about the same age. I was a twin and had a sister younger and one older.  My Mother and Father were hard working people.  My Mother was a home maker and ran an in-home day care business.  We always had about 8-12 kids around the house growing up which made for lots of fun, experience and adventure.  My Father drove a dairy truck and was an avid hunter, fisher and gardener.  I remember when I was young that I loved to play doctor.  We had the game "Operation!! " and I was always like,  ohhh a NAKED  person ! I loved to play that game.  The human body has always fascinated me. Not because I was some weirdo ! Funny ! No ! Because I lived in one and well frankly I wasn't a happy one.  I think my early fascination with the body was an early awareness of myself and other's personal FEELINGS ! Yes I said FEELINGS ! That is the beginning and end of it all BABY ! Despite what the 'Christian' Church has taught all my life that 'We Walk by FAITH ! Brother ! not by our FEELINGS ! '.  Well I have a whole different  paradiam on the subject and it is all  because of my own personal journey from fear into God's inoculating LOVE ! 
     Everyone wants to FEEL GOOD ! But why don't we? Some people don't feel good in their emotions, some don't feel good in their bodies, and well most are totally unaware  of how they feel in the spiritual realm of their existence and have  become just  numb.  Yet I believe that this is KEY for us to go where we all want to go ~ Joy unspeakable full of glory~ fulfilled happy lives on happy planet Earth.  Key,  in that, becoming  AWARE of how we feel and why we feel that way.  On our path to wholeness and healthiness, lol, we must learn to sort out our feelings.  What feelings are relevant to this moment and what feelings are dictating my thoughts and vise versa.

 I believe that thoughts and feelings are very intertwined.  We think thoughts because our feelings and we have certain feelings because of the thoughts we think.  All in all because we can be in control of our thoughts and live an intentional life it's imperative that we learn to use the brain and the heart for what they were created for and not let them get mixed up in sorting out all the pain. 
      Life is a cycle of Joy and  Rest. (Ed Khouri~ Thriving Recovery Program)  As we become mature and whole we learn to transition between these two cycles of life in healthy patterns or disciplines. If we hold too much pain in our lives, and we are not aware of it, we then transition between these cycles of feeling good and rest in unhealthy patterns that are self destructive and damaging to relationships.  
     Early on I was on a quest to feel good.  I struggled with being very fearful and anxious as a child and wrestled  with an addiction to sugar to make matters worse.  I remember at a very young age I would set up all my little travel size lotion and creme bottles on a chair next to my bed and invite my friends and family to lay down so I could make them feel good.  I would take their arm and put lotion on it and rub it to make them feel better. This was the whole of my procedure as a young healer back then but in time I would learn other ways to make people feel better. 
    Feeling good is a key in healing and success in any area of life. If we still don't feel good dispite how much faith, money, or friends we have, we will not be happy or  living, really living. The Kingdom of God is stated as being Righteousness, Peace and  Joy in the Holy Spirit.  I know all of those are linked to certain feelings and that God wants us to feel these wonderful feelings that are apart of his Presence.  We have to be willing to work through feelings and be a part of a community that will allow this healing culture to arise so we can stop going around the mountain and enter into the promise land. Therefore, we must be healed, whole, and rid of all our unbelief and negative feelings before we go in.  This is the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of a 400 year bondage of  slavery into the Wilderness Wanderings for purging and  into the Promise Land.  Are we willing to face the pain and  unbelief of our souls that we may be made into the likeness and image of God to experience that unity with him and  his body? If we are then we have to be willing to change our perspective from Painful Faith to Feel Good Faith ! Are You Ready ! Come on Let us Go !

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