Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Essential Oils Everyday ~ When ? ~ To Use Them

~When ?
     Essential Oils are somewhat of a mystery a kin to our emotions.  Often we go throughout our days, years and lives ignoring them in ourselves and others.   The result of this poor human trait has caused us to live as robots or zombies on the earth and create much pain in our relationships.   In studying Aromatherapy,  Metaphysical and Quantum Health ( ~ the unseen reality of our Health ie.; our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our will, our desires as they relate to our physical health )  it is stated that 85-95% of all dis-ease in the body is caused by emotional traumas or sickness.  Emotional sickness or 'Emotional Baggage', as  we've all heard the term, relates to past negative emotion that remains lodged in the electric or subtle body on a cellular level  because of UN-resolve in Love. It is easy to go through our days and sweep negative emotions under the rug.  It is just as easy to blame others for our negative emotions therefore we neglect our own souls.  It takes strong and determined individuals to overcome personal emotional blocks. It is hard to live a life filled and in the present moment holding onto unresolved emotional 'baggage'. 
     The nature of our Olfactory System or our sense of smell is that it is wired directly  to our Limbic System. The Limbic System is the cerebral cortex where the Hippocampus, Hypothalmus,  and Amygdala  all are. Our Limbic system and its parts are all strongly connected to our emotions and memories.  The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that are wired to the middle of the brain.  The other senses; sight, hearing, taste, and touch are all wired to the frontal lobes of the brain.  What this means is that when we smell something or remember a smell we have an emotional reaction first.  With these other senses we have a reasoning reaction in the brain. Our sense of smell is not only where we enjoy the molecules of scent it is also the place that response to our memories and controls the biochemistry of our physiology.  
     In studying the Egyptian culture and their practice of the Art of Aromatherapy it is evident that they understood something on a wider scale then we do today about our health as it relates to the chemistry of nature.  I believe nature's chemistry is the key in resetting our biological and physiological nature.  As we gain awareness of our need to be healed or  whole, and as the lack of it  affects, our health; spiritually, emotionally and physically we will open up to nature and trust its provision for life and healing.   
     So, the answer to 'When' you should use Essential Oils is,  DAILY ! Now days may go by when I don't use them,  however, I often diffuse them in the house or just leave a bottle of one of my favorite oils open.  The molecules of  Essential Oils are so small that they can stay suspended in the air for hours.  We no longer live in a garden so assimilating nature through 100% pure therapeutic grade oils can do the trick.  The 'trick' being, illuminating our body mind connection and boosting our immune systems.  This is what nature does for us.   When using Essential Oils daily in our lives we open up emotionally to ourselves and others.  This may instigate getting to know ourselves better and allowing ourselves to heal.   

Some applications for using 100 % Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils Emotionally & Spiritually

Prayer & Meditation Spending time in prayer and meditation or self reflection is a great way to connect with The Divine/ God and your own spirit and emotions.    There are many different ways one can do this; ie. sitting or lying down in stillness, upward facing on back or prostrate in humility, sitting, in the lotus position,  standing, inside a room or outside on the earth, walking, dancing, in sacred water or springs, and even upon your bed at night or in the wakes of the morning, journeying; thoughts, feelings and emotions, and  meditating on positive affirmations of love and holy scriptures.     Applying Essential Oils on different parts of the body will open up emotions or blocks and bring awareness of our need to release pain or fear and  receive joy and love.  You can intuitively put oils on the body or you can use charts that help you to identify negative emotions and places on the body they might be stored.  We store negative emotion/energy in our cells in different places in our bodies.  If we stand back and listen to our thoughts and our self talk we can find wounds that need healing.  We can recognize negative thought patterns that will lead us to childhood wounds.  When we open up to love's healing touch our thoughts and beliefs will change and lead us to more truth, light, and freedom in our lives.    

Raindrop Healing Modality Raindrop technique is a healing modality modeled after several different cultural healing techniques used in Aromatherapy throughout the ages.  Dr. Gary Young of,  Young Living Essential Oils, has developed this modality and it is being taught by many modern day healers throughout the world today.  There are many controversial thoughts on Aromatherapy practices as healing modalities but in my opinion these are all rooted in fear and the fear of loss, ie the medical industries practice of monetary gain and control over the masses.  

Laying on of Hands/ Healing Anointing There are many different kinds of healing gifts.  I have a friend that does massage on a deep energy level.  She has a gift from God and it produces results in people's lives.  Be careful not to judge those with a gift and heart to help others heal.  The use of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy practices are integrated into many different modalities.  I recommend the book, 'Healing Oils of the Bible', by Dr. David Stewart.  This book will help you to understand the use of Essential Oils and help you to influence others to seek out the knowledge of healing for themselves or loved ones.  XOXOXCarolGayXOXOXO


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