Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your 'Are' as you Perceive & Receive

I had a dream about ten years ago. I was being chased by leaders in my church and they were wearing Medical scrubs. That dream perplexed me for years, but I just set it on the back shelf in my mind and figured if God wanted me to know what it all meant in due time I would know. . .Well recently I was listening to a tape series called, "The Wisdom of Your Cells', by Bruce Lipton. It is an eight dvd series. During the first tape I remembered my dream and found the interpretation. Bruce was a medical doctor for sometime while continuing personal research on cells. He said that he found test results from test conducted over 100 years ago that prove that 'genes' do not control our lives. He began to do his own testing and found that it is rather our cell receptors that influence our lives and health. There are thousands of cell receptors on each cell. These receptors get 'tweaked' so to speak with all kinds of factors from media influence to diet, childhood trauma, cultural conditioning, and pharmaceutical drugs. Bruce also wrote a book titled, 'The Biology of Belief'. The conclusion is that the only thing that controls your life is your perception on reality. Our perception is distorted by a number of things. Someone will say, "Oh, I have asthma because my mother did. Well that might be the case but it is not because you genes tell you that you have asthma. You will have to get to the spiritual root of it and get rid of it that way. You may have something that is spiritual or emotionally passed down but it is nothing that can't be taken to the cross and dealt with if you will do so. The Bible says that the sins of our forefathers visit those up to the fourth generation of those who hated me.
Back to my dream. I learned in The Wisdom of Your cells about the history of how the practice of Allopathic Medicine along with Modern Science came to 'practice medicine' today. Bruce points out that medical practice along with most belief systems are based on 'Dogma' this meaning a belief that is not scientifically backed up. Let me insert a quote by Candace B. Pert, Ph.D. from her book, 'Molecules of Emotion'.
"If psychological contributions to physical health and disease are viewed with suspicion, the suggestion that the soul~~the literal translation of psyche~might matter, is considered downright absurd. For now we are getting into the mystical realm, where scientists have been officially forbidden to tread ever since the seventeenth century. It was then that Rene Descarte, the philosopher and founding father of Modern Medicine, was forced to make a turf deal with the Pope in order to get the human bodies he needed for dissection. Descartes agreed he wouldn't have anything to do with the soul, the mind, or the emotions~~those aspects of human experience were under the virtually exclusive jurisdiction of the church at the time~~if he could claim the physical realm as his own. Alas, this bargain set the tone and direction for Western science over the next two centuries, dividing human experience into two distinct and separate spheres that could never overlap, creating the unbalanced situation that is mainstream science as we know it today".
So, it has been said that if we consider the unseen part of our being to be relevant in the physical health of our bodies then we are 'witches' humm? Well at least these witches may live a free life. I know a few young girls who live in my neighborhood. They come over and visit with me sometimes. One is very perceptive about other people, at the same time very cautious of others, which is not a bad trait now a days. One day she was not feeling to well emotionally and I asked her what was wrong and spoke something to her that I don't recall, but just trying to encourage here. Later I heard from her friends that she thought I was a 'witch' because I knew so much about her. I took it as a complement that my prophetic gifts were active that day as I spoke into her life not even knowing it. The only grid that most people have for the 'unexplainable' is usually witchcraft, you know like all the Harry Potter's books and movies this generation is into. But what was it "back when", when people would come up with new revelation, ideas, concepts, perceptions, or supernatural power that flowed from their gifting and their relationship with God? Why did the known Church at that time burn so many of these 'witches' at the stake? Humm could it be control for power rooted in fear of losing that power?
Well this has been my story that I experienced a tormenting fear for as long as I could remember. When I was a very young girl I had anxiety and fear of many thing. I would sleep with about 20 stuffed animals all around my body at night to protect me. It has been my reality that as I have moved to Kansas City, the last eight years God has been delivering me into His Perfect Love and driving out ALL FEAR !!! This deliverance has occurred because I just so wanted to be free so I really have pressed into the Lord for this. He has lead me to learn about the use of therapeutic grade Essential oils to help unlock my emotional life and become free of things generational that have plagued my family even still to this day. It is not fun living in fear. But in all reality these fears were not even rational. My family watched a lot of Horror movies and murder mysteries. They would even be on in the house when I came home from school in the afternoon. The mind of a young child is very impressionistic and when your mind is exposed to a lot of stuff on tv through your eyes, which are the window to the soul, then your mind gets warped. Thank God for unwarping my mind and setting me on a straight course in reality. I had a fear of impending death. . just to name one incident. . . and during a time of fasting in my prayer time I was using some oils with my body charts from the book, "Releasing Emotional Patterns through the use of Essential Oils" when I had this incredible release. As soon as I put the oil of Joy on my face near my chin my soul exploded with Joy. I immediately jumped on my Rebounder mini trampoline and started singing, "I've got the Joy JOy JOy JOY down in my heart, down in my heart down in my heart, I've got the joy JOy JOy JOy down in my heart, down in my heart to STAY, and when I got to that line, 'Down in my heart to STAY' well it is like it was amplified a 1000 times and I knew that God had delivered me from something. I also felt a real release down in my lower abdomin area, kind of a shaky feeling. As I calmed down and was reflecting on the situation. He showed me that the fear of 'impending' death had left. I didn't even know that I had it. But I became so aware of it, and yes now that I thought about it at the most odd times I would think, " Wow! I could just die". He also showed me that it came in through watching Horror movies growing up. I NEVER like those movies. . it was a bondage in our family and is today still in the entertainment culture. I didn't even like taking a bath after Orca or sometimes even sitting on the toilet after seeing Jaws so many times. Now it wasn't all the time but when I was young and had just saw the movie I remember these incidents and they were just not rational. Now who would think a shark could come through the toilet? Well maybe a child that has seen more shark movies then been on a boat. Ok! think about it. We need to protect our children's innocent minds. The pure in heart shall see God ! I thank God for his deliverance. I hope to post more experiences I've had as they relate to my emotions, deliverance, healing and the use of Therapuetic Grade Essential Oils.

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