Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils ? Why ?

XO~Carol Gay~XO

I was familiar with Essential oils growing up. My older sisters used them. I knew they smelled good, came from plants, and were all natural. While going to a home group for a season a friend ,that came, always smelled like pizza. She would bring her oils to group and pass them around. She was overcoming a muscle disease and was using a healing model called, 'Raindrop'. This was the application of several oils on the feet and along the spine. She received a Raindrop once a week for a year. After that she went through a season of going through emotional issues that were linked to her muscle disease. She has been free of the disease and all symptoms for over three years now. That was my introduction to the oils being use for healing and not just to make you smell or feel good. During this season the Lord was preparing me for more deliverance from fear. While praying during our group the lord was showing us that he wanted to set me free from this once and for all. Two friends and I made a date to get together outside of the group to pray about this. One friend was putting the oils on my feet and the other was counseling me and leading me in some Theophostics and asking me questions. It was during this time of prayer that I was delivered from a spirit of fear that I had all my life. It was attached to my physically heart. I became aware of this spirit during another deliverance session years prior. It was not the timing of the Lord to deal with it that back then. I learned a lot about the anointing of God's love and how to walk in his presence. He brought to my attention because I was raised without the presence of an earthly father that I was not trusting my heavenly father to protect me. This day I was set free from a generational spirit of fear. Then I began another part of the journey to walk this out daily. It was a good eight month battle after this time. I had to stand my ground and walk in Love. After the eight months I walked out even more deliverance from fear. I would get fear and anxiety just out of the blue and I would have to just release it to the Lord. I think that most of this anxiety was emotional baggage that was just coming out of my body, feelings of the past from living under a spirit of fear so long. Most of it was from the years before 18 when I came to the Lord and was filled with the Spirit. However 18 years of bottled up fear is a lot to release still. I also had to learn to walk in Love and the Lord really dealt with thought patterns and external triggers. This is when I started to get more interested in the use of oils. I began to use them as a constant companion.
My husband said, "You are getting addicted to those oils". Well there was a period of a few years when I really needed to have them close in the event I needed to release fear or anxiety. Once I was in Sam's Club and a spirit of fear just hit me and I ran, well left quickly, and went home. It was after this that I started keeping the oils in my pockets and purse. I also found that when I would eat bad that I was more prone to a spirit of fear and anxiety. It was my observation that sugar, white flour, conventional dairy and meats in my diet would set things off. It is not that if I ate any amount of these I would feel fear but if I were eating more of these types of food rather than raw fruits & veggies, wheat grass, salads and my healthy stuff. It has taken me years of pressing on to develop a lifestyle of discipline that keeps me in the spirit of love, power and a sound mind. For me it has been in overcoming my past emotional baggage, or releasing it that I have been able to overcome other things. When you get rid of past negative emotional energy you have more room for Love, Peace and JOY !
I find that I am not as dependent on the oils as I was during those few years of deliverance. I believe the oils helped me to walk out of the patterns of fear into Perfect Love. I find that there are seasons when you will use oils more than others, for emotional, physical or spiritual reasons. Therapeutic grade essential oils have a very tiny molecular structure enabling them to penetrate your skin and get right to your DNA on a cellular level. All those little receptors on your cells (that do all your body/mind communicating) get so distorted from past trauma, cultural conditioning, (which is a form of abuse) pharmaceutical abuse, wrong diet, sedentary lifestyle, generational issues, and so on. Therapeutic Essential Oils work their magic/majesty in a way that God alone has fashioned them to do. I do believe they are the true medicine. The leaves on the trees ARE for the healing of the nations. If you need healing have an elder anoint/rub/Masach (Hebrew word for anoint) with oils that you may be healed, or just order some from my Young Living website and learn to be an elder yourself and take responsibility for your own healing.
My friend invited me to the Young Living meeting here in town. I sat next to a lady who randomly told me that she had been using Essential Oils for over 20 years and have not found an oil on the market more pure. I did not ask her for that information she volunteered it. I tried other oils and to date I will not put any other on my body. When I get a flu or cold I even take these oils internally. I diffuse them next to my bed every night. I have found that at times a drop of oil will satisfy me as much as a meal or a snack. Because our sense of smell is wired right to our lymphatic system the emotional seat of the brain, it satisfies as if we were living in the Garden of Eden once again. Wow ! Especially when I do a fast, if I use the oils they are so exhilarating to the emotions from having more energy to feeling an euphoric peaceful state.
I do think that was part of the curse when we were kicked out of the garden, that our emotional state would suffer for lack of the essential oils and scents wafting around in there. It is very hard these days to have normal emotional releases and stay light as a feather and keep going on with the pressures of life. I have found that using Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living I can stay free of emotional baggage and live a CARE FREE life !
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