Friday, November 27, 2009

Back to the Garden with Emotional Release & Self Awareness

While in the Garden we were safe.  We had a clear connection with our creator.  We had open communication with Him.  We lived breathed and delighted in His Presence, in the Garden, in the cool of the Day.  Life was free in the Garden, free of pain, sorrow, shame, and free of sin.  While in the Garden we breathed in air and all the essential oils and volatile chemicals that were released from the plants in the Garden.  The air was clean and fresh full of vitality and energy that passed through our lungs and into our blood stream.  Along with the air we breathed in came Esters,Alcohols, Phenols,Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, Ketones, Aldehydes, and Carboxylic Acids.  These were all wafting through the air being released from the plants in the Garden.  These are just a few of the invisible chemical attributes of the unseen realm of the Garden we once lived in.  Imagine the Garden.  You could run around barefoot and no coverings were necessary.  No one was ashamed of their bodies and their was no type of sickness or disease there.    This Garden was a Garden of peace.  We felt this beauty.  We beheld this beauty.  We heard this beauty and we smelt this beauty in the garden.  
     I believe that being cut off from the Garden was necessary after we sinned and disobeyed God's guidance there.  Because we had fallen from the nature that was conducive to the Garden we were not permitted to live there.  It is not that God wanted to punish us but rather it was for our own good that we were to leave the Garden.  It wouldn't be until we could be restored to a place where we could actually live and exist once again in that state that we would be permitted back into the Garden.  God is restoring us to that place.  I can testify in my life that spiritual healing and spiritual maturity are required to live in the Garden of peace and delight.  The Garden is here and now and we can live in it.  It is a spiritual Garden of His Presence~His Eternal Love.
     Several years ago, one morning,  I was having a vision / conversation with God on my bed.  God was telling me that he wanted me to go back into the Garden to live.  I was arguing and saying but No God I can't there is an angel there with a flaming sword to protect it.  I can not go in there.  He said Oh but you can.  I continued to argue and asked the question but how can I get back into the Garden.  He said by fire ! Oh, yeah makes sense.  If I was filled with fire the flaming sword would not cut me or hurt me.  Ok  I was seeing something here.  
     You can not live in this Garden with past wounds, unforgiveness, confusion,doubt, hatred, jealousy or anything else that is contrary to Love, Joy and Peace.  It sounds unreal like a fairy tale or dream.  I know, but it is Truth.  Remember the saying, 'Truth is stranger than Fiction"?  Well, it is true.  To be purified by fire can be stranger than fiction.  You will only know when you experience it.  
     It is our sense of smell or our discernment or judgment that is the key to living back in the Garden.  Our sense of smell or our 'Olfactory System' is the door way to wholeness or self awareness or single mindedness,  have you.  This will allow us back into the Garden.  It is a spirit of burning which is a spirit of self judgment that allows you to live in this garden of peace, beauty and delight. 
     Because we have been removed from the Garden the therapeutic quality of the plant release is not present in the atmosphere we live in any longer.  It is harder to discern our state of being.  The invisible chemical aspects of the living plants were in a sense a light to our discernment.  Without the activation of our lymphatic  system or emotional soul (through our Olfactory system of smell) we are shut down and unable to open up to heal our past.  
    The draw to nature is one that is instinctual and natural for we were composed of nature.  We align with the principles and chemicals of nature. Our chemical make up is of this natural earthly world.  When we become so far removed from this state of health we lose touch with the real self and begin to live a superficial and fake life  We go around either pretending that life is good or through dulling the pain we continue to try to make life good.  When life is meant to be good every moment, every breath, every second no matter what the situation is.  We can live in a garden of Bliss in this life.   This is why we are so compelled at times to draw away into nature once again for times of rest, retreat and relaxation.  During times like these we have opportunity to breath the chemicals and vitality of the natural relam that help to align our beings, body, soul & spirit.  Out side the garden we are shut down or closed to His healing love.  It is then fear that drives us anxioulsy forward in an irrational state of being that pushes everything else aside for those sinful, lustful, carnal and selfish desires.  We need to open up to Love to be healed. 
     The mere simplicity of smelling pure therapuetic grade essential oils open our souls to the awareness of the healing journey.  This process is one of self reflection and trust.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  I hope that you can take time today to smell the roses and breath in the vitality of the life giving force of pure thereapuetic grade essential oils. Let the Healing Begin ! 

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  1. Aromatherapy is truly amazing!
    Hey, love that butterfly on thistle. Is that another one of your photographs, Carol?
    Yes- hoping you can walk through the garden. It's all regenerating in this fall season, preparing for a new, beautiful spring. But it's still nice in an autumn way :)