Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learning About Base OIls & Essential Oils: Lesson in Aromatherapy

Carol Gay Sklenar
12 Oct 06 9:52 PM MST

Take a survey of the saturated and unsaturated fats in your kitchen which could be used as a base oil for Aroma Therapy? Blend one base oil with Lemon or Lavender essential oil and apply to skin. Then repeat with a different base oil. Which do you prefer? As you will study, each base oil has its own purpose.
I thought that this would be a fun experience. I gathered all the saturated and unsaturated fats in my kitchen that I could use as a base for essential oils and took a small sample of each. I added two or three drops of lavender essential oil to the base and applied it to my face. Just for kicks I even took the jar of Hellmann's real Mayonnaise and my Raw Cow butter. I collected a variety of oils that may or may not be a good base in applying essential oil. Each base had a distinct feeling and aroma on my face as a carrier base for the Lavender essential oil I used. My list included; Hazelnut oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Organic Virgin Olive oil, Organic Pumpkin oil, Organic Safflower oil, and Vegetable Glycerine. I started with the Mayonnaise. I took a teaspoon of mayo in a small dish and dropped in three drops of Lavender essential oil. I really didn't think I would like this, but it was actually very refreshing. I could smell the oil real well over the mayo smell. The mayo smell disappeared all together after about ten minutes of it soaking into my skin. The mayo became clear and made my skin feel very soft and refreshed. I thought that it would be a lot heavier feeling but I was wrong. It worked quite nicely as an 'Aroma Mayo Facial'. Next I took the Olive oil, Pumpkin oil, and Safflower oil and Hazelnut oil and mixed an amount of each into a small dish. I dropped three drops of Lavender essential oil in and mixed it up. After applying to my face it felt a bit greasy. I rubbed it in and let it soak. I wiped the excess through my hair and on my neck. The Lavender scent was apparent but not as distinct of a smell. I think the Pumpkin and Olive oil scent contended a bit with the EO. After about ten minutes my face was soft yet still a bit greasy. I did not wash it off but let it soak in before I went to sleep. Next I took the Extra Virgin Coconut oil and softened it over a flame briefly to take of the hard edge. It has been cold the last couple of days in Kansas City and the oil was a bit hard sitting in the cupboard. I dropped two drops of Lavender oil in the base and smoothed it over my face. The Lavender oil was very strong smelling in this base. I could feel the volatiles evaporating before my eyes. It was a lovely smell the two together, Coconut oil and the Lavender, very aromatic and full body scent of the lavender in the milky coconut flavor. I let it set in for ten minutes it was very smooth feeling and my face felt very soft. Next I layered the Raw Cow Butter over the Coconut base. I melted the butter and added a drop of Lavender to a small amount. It was slightly sour smelling because it was raw butter. I didn't smell the Lavender at all and it was a very weird sensation spreading the butter on my face. I think that the coconut layer prior made a bit of a difference in a good way. The two combined together left a very nice silky smooth feeling to my skin. Finally I took the Vegetable Glycerine and added two drops of Lavender oil to it. I didn't know that the veggie glycerine was so sweet. I could taste it in my mouth. It was not easy to spread over my face, but it tasted very sweet and florally with the Lavender oil added. It did smooth over my face, but it was an odd sensation because it was so sweet. I felt as if I was spreading sugar candy all over my face. After about ten to fifteen minutes it soaked in leaving a very tacky feeling on my skin. Out of all the oils I used I think they all can be used as some sort of base in Aroma Therapy, however, I don't think the Vegetable Glycerine could. I am not sure, but I think that it is more of an additive to base oils or products rather than a base in itself. It is just to tacky and sweet, not smooth and definitely not easy to spread or massage into the skin. The glycerin did not feel moisturizing on my skin, it was sticky and sweet. I preferred the Coconut oil and believe it or not the Mayonnaise. I suppose that the Mayo could be likened to a lotion. Both the Mayo and Coconut oil were refreshing and moisturizing especially with the Lavender essential oil added.


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