Friday, March 30, 2012

Why Believe in Miracles?

    I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately.  After going through a divorce and having my dreams come crashing down it seems the right thing to do, at least for me.  Really, my dreams didn't come crashing down only the 'illusion' of my dreams.   See I was NOT living my dreams, and I am still NOT living my dreams.    So how could they come crashing down, well they really didn't.  It was only my ego that came crashing down.  Only the false sense that everything was ok in my life.
  Ever since I came into a conscious relationship with Christ I had a dream to see the miraculous happen on a normal daily basis.  I read the gospels a lot in the beginning of my spiritual awakening.  I was so in love with that miracle man.  I've had lots of dreams with the miraculous taking place but in all reality I am not a 'Miracle' worker yet.  I do aspire to be.  I actually ache and long to see them flowing in many peoples lives.  Why?  I'm not sure, but I think we need them and well I surely would like to see one rather than go to Disney Land.   I just know that it is in my heart, and I need to follow it.  I believe that miracles show us that God is first of all the supreme creator, and that he is just a good God and full of Love, Compassion, and Mercy.  I think he likes to make things 'right' , or 'perfect' or 'whole'.  If he is  supreme creator I don't think he enjoys looking down on such brokenness and such chaos in his creation. 
      I've been reading an amazing book, 'the anatomy of a miracle', by dr. james b. richards.  This book is rocking my world.  On top of a dozen or so other books I'm reading, they all seem to overlap in theme and concepts.  Yet this one is really good.  Basically he gets down to why we don't see the miraculous taking place in our lives more often.  He breaks it down and helps you to understand faulty ways of thinking and just learning how to identify wrong beliefs in our own lives that hinder or keep us from seeing miracles.  You have to do a lot of soul searching to be free.  I think miracles flow from a freedom.  Freedom that allows you to simply believe like a child would believe that their father would bring them a good gift upon request and not tease them with a snake in a bag. 
     Dr. James says we must 'see, perceive or conceptualize a miracle before we can believe for it'. (pg. 11) This is why Jesus used parables to help the mind to 'conceptualize' something that it could not wrap itself around or speak to it in a language it could receive.  Dr. James says that the parables of farming, shepherding and current events of those ancient times have less value to a mind of modern society.  We need to understand the language and laws of the 'unseen' world so we can flow in miracles.  He attributes cutting-edge, scientific discovery to birthing a new language that will help us enter into this state of being.  A state of existing where we can believe and see manifest miracles in every day life. 
     Its seems simple enough yet it is not that easy.  See, you have to believe in order to see results in the miraculous.  There are things in our souls that are contrary to this childlike believe. Our current way of thinking that has been past down through several generations of people who didn't regard God or care to see miracles.    Several generations of people and cultures that attempted to build their own tower to heaven and get things done the way they wanted to or thought best. 
We have to work through our 'unbelief' to come to a place where we will see miracles flow in a generation of people.  The whole bible is a story of how God is working with a people to be like him.  A people that he can call 'his children' those who when people look at them they know they belong to God, what ever that looks like  . .  .we will only have to wait and see. . wait and become that image in the earth. 
   I would like to list some quotes from this book to tease the one who also longs for the miraculous like I do.  I hope that you will pick up a copy of this book and devour it as I have been. 

~Quotes from 'the anatomy of  miracle' by dr. bruce b. richards~

~We have forgotten how to think like children~
~Truth isn't new. It is only new to us !~
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!'
~Henry Ford~
~The concept of living by faith is no longer a leap into the unknown.~
~Regardless of what you believe about the creation of the world, the laws that govern all things still apply~
~Quantum physics has become the greatest supporter of ancient truth.~
~The miraculous occurs when we harmonize with the laws of nature~
~Within every human being is a need to experience the miraculous.~
~The immutable laws of the unseen world formed and sustain the physical world ~
~Miracles are your right and your inheritance!~
~An exchange between the seen and the unseen is always occurring.~
~The fact that we can conceive it is the proof it is possible.~
~We would rather be wrong and feel right than to be right and conquer the feeling of being wrong~
~Continual growth, learning and personal development are essential to crossing the void into the unknown.~
~We are as happy and healthy as we believe we can be.~
~We have the built-in tools to change our beliefs at will !~
~The question is, 'Which do I really believe?"
~The question now is, 'Where is our awareness?"
~~Man is the creator of his world.~
~We choose our future by choosing our thoughts!~
~Faith resides in the heart, not the mind.~
~Information plus emotion is how we write new beliefs on our hearts.~
~The very opportunities that I attract or repel are those that match my sense of self.~
~The beliefs of the heart are five thousands times more powerful at influencing and programming our world.~
~We might not have any choice about how we start this life, but we have millions of options about how we will live it~
~The one common denominator is belief~
~Keep you eyes glued on wisdom!~
~Consciousness is a proactive, deliberate interaction with the unseen world.~
~Our hearts house our long-term memories.~
~ A Heart filled with guilt has little capacity to believe for a miracle.~
~Ignoring guilt is like taking pain medication for a broken foot instead of setting the bone.~
~States, attitudes and inner qualities can be obtained only in our hearts.~
~Creating miracles is effortless;developing your heart to create miracles requires effort!~
~Love is the deepest need and the core motivator of all beliefs, thoughts and actions.~
~We always will repeat our circumstances if we do not change our beliefs!~
~Everything we do repeatedly, good or bad, becomes a process of programming.~
~Our brains grow to give us new capabilities to do what we see.~
~In the end when we stop putting forth enough force, it all comes crashing down.~
~Many diseases simply would disappear if we only took more vacations, relaxed more often and learned how to play.~
~You have to be the person who intends to live in the miracle~
~Be the person living the miracle NOW.~
~Words are seeds sown on all levels of our existence.~
~Releasing negative beliefs and writing something new on the heart can end lifelong struggles.~
~That which we do not have in the present is a reminder that we do not have it!~
~Attaching positive reasons to being healthy and experiencing it immediately is the secret to empowering people to lose weight.~
~Fruit (results) is the only way to distinguish wheat from tares.~
~Knowing when we are persuading as opposed to confessing makes us feel diligent, persistent and hopeful.~
~It is of little value to change what we think about anything else, without changing the way we think about ourselves ! ~
~There is a mindset that expects and receives miracles as a way of life.~
~The laws of the miraculous are the laws that the generous and thankful live by.~
~The question is not, 'If God can."The question is, 'If I can."
~It matters a little how your miracle comes or how long it takes.  It just matters that it comes!~
~Once we have knowledge, we don't need more knowledge; we need experiential knowledge.~
~As we put what we know into practice, we will discover what we need to know.  That is a revelation!~

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